On Wednesday Seth Meyers appeared on another host’s talk show, in this case Kelly Clarkson, meaning he had to bring the anecdotes instead of being the one to set them up.

What he came with was a Beyoncé story that even the most awkward among us *looks in mirror* can relate to. This particular interaction, brief as it was, took place in 2015 during the 40th anniversary party of Saturday Night Live. At the time Prince was performing onstage, and Meyers was trying to work his way through gaps between the famous guests to get toward the front of the crowd.

That led to a very close encounter with Beyoncé.

“I was doing the ‘excuse me,’” the comedian said. “And my face came this close to Beyoncé and our eyes met and I just was like, ‘Pretty cool party, right?’”

That was pretty much both the beginning and end. 

“And she said, ‘yeah.’ And we just kept going,” he continued. “Like, the momentum took us away.”

This led to a light ball-busting from his wife Alexi Ashe.  

“My wife said, ‘Wow, you really killed that interaction,’” he told a laughing Clarkson. “She’s like, ‘You better leave your ringer on. ’Cause you’re probably gonna get a call from Beyoncé!’”
In terms of recently shared Beyoncé tales, this one sits somewhere between Seth Rogen getting thumped by one of her bodyguards (real bad) and Victoria Beckham saying the A-lister revealed to her that the Spice Girls were a major inspiration (real good). Probably a little closer to the Rogen one.

Anyway, if you’re ever famous and have a Beyoncé story, you’re ready to fill a couple minutes on a talk show one day.