January of 2022 will mark 15 years since Netflix launched its streaming service. Back then, the world wasn’t ready for what streaming television meant; there are still tens of millions of Americans who don’t have access to broadband internet, but somehow everyone knows what Netflix & Chill means, who their favorite Stranger Things characters are, and is apparently watching Squid Game. The TV show that was pegged to become the biggest Netflix show ever has reportedly hit 142 million households since its worldwide release on Sept. 17, breaking records and making bank while becoming a massive viral sensation. This news isn’t surprising, but the fact that this Squid Game whirlwind has only been going on for a month is astonishing, especially given its competition.

In the past, Netflix was notoriously secretive with its viewership numbers, especially for its original series. Times are continuing to change on that front, but know that when Netflix announces a number, they are willing to stand on it, however their metrics are counted. We bring that up to say that, when it comes to even considering where Squid Game sits with other series, we can only go based on the numbers Netflix releases when they release them. Netflix even drops which season of each series achieved the mark; it’s always interesting to see everything that comes into play with these figures, and that’s what we’re doing today.

Here’s a look at the 10 most-watched Netflix series. Before you start scrolling, though, maybe make a quick Top 10 in your head, then see how many shows you guessed right.