Season 3 of You is hitting Netflix on Oct. 15. Fans have been waiting to see what’s next in Joe Goldberg’s chaotic life since Season 2 of the psychological thriller dropped in December 2019. The streamer announced that a third season was in the works in January 2020, and from the looks of it, it’ll be just as gruesome as the last two. You is based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel of the same name, and Season 1 of the series aired on Lifetime in 2018. The network didn’t renew the series, but Netflix picked it up, and it quickly became a hit.

Penn Badgley, who stars as Joe, has talked about how viewers romanticized and thirsted over his character after the first season, even after learning about his stalker and killer tendencies. In Season 1, Joe started as a quiet, thoughtful, and charming guy who worked at a bookstore in New York City. The character comes off as a great catch at first, and the actor said that was done purposely to captivate viewers. However, fans quickly learned how dangerous he was to anyone who became the object of his affection. The show started with him falling for and obsessing over a writer named Guinevere Beck. Unfortunately, she and the people around her suffered the consequences of falling for Joe’s charm. Joe headed west to escape the mess he created in New York at the start of Season 2—but it wasn’t long before the real him resurfaced and his clean slate was ruined.

Season 2 introduced Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) as Joe’s new love interest. It’s not until the end that we learn she has a twisted dark side and a terrible past, just like him. This might seem like a match-made-in-heaven type of situation, except Joe doesn’t find his own killer traits at all endearing in another person. She is a mirror for him, which makes it difficult for him to ignore his reality. Now Season 3 will explore how the deranged couple deals with marriage, parenthood and whether or not they can keep their killing spree under control. Based on the trailer, they don’t, but that’s exactly what viewers expect from a show like You. Here’s all we know about Season 3 of Netflix’s You so far.