Arsenio Hall stepped up to host Jimmy Kimmel Live while its star was on vacation, producing a special edition of the show’s “Lie Witness News” segment, where unsuspecting people happily weigh in on a fictional crisis in the equally fictional Zamunda.

Yes, that Zamunda—the fabricated African nation from Coming to America, which got a sequel this year reuniting Hall and Eddie Murphy. “We asked people’s thoughts about the crisis in Zamunda,” Hall said on Kimmel, winking.

There were a couple of especially funny moments, one of which included the camera crew asking a passerby if Donald Trump or Joe Biden did a better job handling the situation, to which the man unabashedly said Trump. 

“One of Trump’s appointees, the U.S. Ambassador to Zamunda, Edward Murphy—do you think that he did a good job?” the interviewer asked.

“I think at this point, he’s done a good job,” the pedestrian answered. “We need to let that play out longer to see before he’s truly judged.”

Elsewhere the camera crew referenced another fictional African nation, the home of Marvel’s Black Panther, Wakanda. “Who do you think is to blame for the turmoil in Zamunda right now, the Zamundans or Wakandans?” the interviewer put forth.

“From everything I’ve seen and gathered, it’s the Wakandans,” a man answered.

Hall also performed an extensive monologue for the audience, which you can watch below.