McDonald’s has unveiled a new ad ahead of Super Bowl LVI, and it includes a cameo from Kanye West.

The popular fast food chain teased the ad on Saturday with a photo of a large vehicle pulling into the drive-thru. 

People immediately jumped to the conclusion that McDonald’s was doing something with Kanye since the somewhat visible vehicle in the photo is the same Russian Sherp ATV that Ye used in 2020 to give away pairs of Yeezy QNTM in Chicago; he also gifted 2 Chainz one. 

The ad plays up the moment when a McDonald’s customer has a hard time deciding what to order. It even happens to celebrities like Ye, as well as others like NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro, and the classic McDonald’s character Grimace who is voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Kanye’s involvement follows a 2018 tweet when he declared, “McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant.”

Kitao Sakurai shared an Instagram post on his involvement in the ad, who said he “had the VERY surreal honor of directing Kanye.”

Watch the “Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhh” ad up top.