Travis Scott's McDonald's Collab Is Causing Ingredient Shortages

The Travis Scott Meal is centered around a Quarter Pounder burger, the ingredients for which are in high demand right now thanks to La Flame heads.


Image via McDonald's


Travis Scott devotees have responded quite well to the launch of La Flame's McDonald's collab campaign.

In fact, as detailed in a new report from USA Today, some McDonald's locations have been confirmed to be "running short" on ingredients required to put together the officially sanctioned Travis Scott Meal, which is a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce paired with BBQ sauce-assisted medium fries and a Sprite.

In the report, a recent internal memo is cited that calls the campaign a "compelling" program that's resulted in a fan response that boasts the potential for continued supply problems.

"We've created a program that's so compelling to our customers that it’s stretching our world-class supply chain; and if demand continues at these levels, more restaurants will break supply," a rep said in the memo.

In fact, a rep said in a statement to USA Today that some restaurants have even encountered temporary sellouts of certain meal ingredients. Moving forward from Sept. 22, the Travis Scott Meal will be required to be an in-app order. The price, however, will remain $6.

And speaking of heightened stokedness levels being spurred by McDonald’s and Travis Scott, TMZ reported on Wednesday that La Flame and a Downey, California location of the fast food restaurant have been cited in connection with a ton of fans showing up. Scott is said to have been cited for failing to get an event permit and a permit to film. At the McDonald's location in question, Scott greeted fans who were in line for the meal.

Also on Wednesday, Scott shared the following emoji-centered Instagram update, though it's not clear what—if anything—he's referencing:

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