It’s a known fact that die-hard Star Trek fans are a little out there, but this story really pushes the limits of Trekkie outlandishness.

Carlo Morris Cerutti was accused of assault after swinging a “Klingon sword” at his neighbor over a dispute about trash. Apparently Cerutti’s wife, Joyce, got in a fight with the neighbor after he put his trash in her trash can. After she told him to stop, Joyce claimed, "I turned around and he chucked the bag at me and hit me in the back and then he started throwing garbage all over my yard."

So what’s a husband to do when his wife is being pelted with yogurt containers and banana peels? Break out his Klingon sword — a Bat’leth for the real nerds out there — of course! The neighbor was able to fight off the alien attack without injury, and Cerutti was charged with assault. 

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