Better Call Saul will return to AMC this coming Monday to begin its two-part final season, which—as recently revealed—will indeed include guest appearances from the original Breaking Bad duo of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. But first, excellence-seeking fans have been given an early look at next week’s premiere.

First released as an exclusive preview from TVLine, the nearly two-minute scene released Thursday focuses on a moment of unenviable tension between Mike Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks) and Gus Fring (played by Giancarlo Esposito). And though it should go without saying, one could categorize certain aspects of this clip as being squarely in the territory of spoilers, so proceed with caution if you haven’t caught up on Saul through season 5.

Also featured here is Tyrus Kitt (played by Ray Campbell), although the character ultimately exits the scene, allowing for a one-on-one between Mike and Gus regarding the outcome of an assassination attempt on Lalo (played by Tony Dalton) and how they should handle helping, or not helping, Nacho. The latter, played by Michael Mando, should—in Mike’s opinion—be treated with the type of respect that ensures he’s able to be brought home to safety.

Gus, meanwhile, is simultaneously suspicious of the purported success of the assassination effort on Lalo. See the full exchange up top, via TVLine.

The beginning of the end for Better Call Saul launches April 18 with two new episodes, including one (“Carrot and Stick”) directed by series co-creator Vince Gilligan. Part 2 of Saul’s bow, meanwhile, will begin on July 11. Below, continue alleviating the woes of waiting by revisiting the final season’s most recently released trailer.