Director: Michael Sarnoski
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin​​​​​​​
Distributor: Neon
Where to Watch: Hulu

Pig is definitely a weirder sell based on its synopsis alone, but like the grizzled Nicolas Cage who stars in it, the movie has a heart of gold buried underneath its tough truffled exterior. Basically like John Wick meets Fight Club, but with a pig, Michael Sarnoski’s screenplay follows Cage as a nomadic former-master chef who lives out his days hunting for truffles in the Oregon wilderness with his farmyard companion, when all of a sudden his only tether to happiness is stolen from him, sending Cage down a spiral of revenge to retrieve the animal.

Beyond the amazing acting from Alex Wolff and Cage, the interesting commentary on the classist culinary machine that high-end restaurants operate under, and the genuinely suspenseful and tragic story that ensues all because of some truffles, I think Pig is such a compelling film because it has a central message that is delivered with gut-wrenching precision. All of its main characters—from Wolff and his restaurant mob boss father to Cage—had lost something important to them, and the final act of Pig shows that no matter how you try to replace it, whether with a pet or a culinary crime syndicate, it’s only temporary and that hole in your heart will remain. Who would have thought you’d get all that from a movie about a pig! —Jordan Rose