Director: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman
Stars: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali, Brian Tyree Henry, Lily Tomlin, Luna Lauren Velez, John Mulaney, Kimiko Glen, Nicolas Cage, Liev Schreiber

2018's best animated film (and, arguably, the best superhero film to drop that year) not only featured a half-black, half-Latino Spider-Man who wore Js and bombed subways, but it featured Gwen Stacy as a Spider-Woman, a whole pig in the outfit, and so much more. Animation so dope that Sony made sure they patented it so they could cake up on this in the future, Into the Spider-Verse took the beauty of comic book art and perfectly translated that on the screen. On top of all that, it's just a good movie, with an awesome story, loads of laughs, and tons of action. The bar for animated superhero films has been raised. khal