UPDATED 7/6, 11 a.m.: Bam was filmed “partying with a group of men while police and his family were desperately looking for him,” TMZ reports, suggesting he lost his sobriety in the process.

Shortly after disappearing from a Florida rehab, Margera reportedly visited a sports bar and a strip club in Pompano Beach, and asked a person to bring him to the hospital for a wrist injury at some point.

“After the strip club, we’re told Bam went to a friend’s house, and you can see in our video, he appears to lose consciousness before coming back around,” TMZ writes, referencing the clip below.

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UPDATED 6/28, 9:35 a.m. ET: According to the latest update from TMZ, Bam Margera was found at a hotel in Florida’s Deerfield Beach area on Monday and is now planning to check in to a new facility. Local law enforcement is said to have arrived at the hotel with a “crisis intervention team” comprised of Margera’s parents, among other family members who dialed in for the ensuing discussion.

As of Monday night, Margera had “voluntarily agreed” to a new facility.

UPDATED 6/26, 4:45 p.m. ET: Bam Margera has once again gone missing from his rehab facility.

TMZ reports the Jackass star was last seen at LifeSkills South Florida in Deerfield Beach Saturday evening. Margera left the residential facility without permission, as Broward County detectives are now searching for him.

UPDATED 6/15, 10:45 p.m. ET: Bam Margera is returning to the Florida rehab facility he left after being located at a hotel by police and a crisis intervention team, TMZ reports.

The outlet also noted that Margera was cooperative and voluntarily returned to the rehab center. 

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Bam Margera was reported as “missing” by a Florida rehab facility manager on Monday after leaving the treatment center, TMZ writes.

On Wednesday, the publication said a Delray Beach police report showed Margera was deemed missing after he told the manager in question he wasn’t pleased with the facility’s services. The same manager is also said to have been told by Margera that he would subsequently be checking himself into another rehab.

Notably, Margera has remained active on Instagram, most recently sharing the below photo.

Margera was reportedly at the Florida facility under a court order, causing staff members to question whether he was authorized to make this change. Employees clarified, however, that Margera was not exhibiting signs of being a “danger to himself or others,” per TMZ.

As previously noted, Bam Margera commemorated the completion of a 12-month treatment program for substance abuse in Florida last month. At the time, it was reported that Margera would next be utilizing outpatient treatment for a period of several months.

As for the current status of the “missing” claim, TMZ said Wednesday that local police did initially search for Margera, albeit unsuccessfully. In the same post, it’s claimed he “was currently staying” at a sober-living facility. Among the reported issues Margera is said to have had with this specific facility were frustrations over the arrangement of physical therapy following a recent skating injury.

This week, Margera marked what would have been his late friend and Jackass collaborator Ryan Dunn’s 45th birthday with a trio of throwback photos on IG.

“A best friend is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget,” he wrote in the caption.