Don Cheadle Roasts Mark Ruffalo for Spoiling 'Infinity War' Before It Came Out

Don Cheadle says Mark Ruffalo can't do press for any projects anymore, regardless of the studio, in case he ends up just spoiling another Marvel Cinematic Universe moment.

Before anyone knew Thanos was going to kill half of the universe with his Infinity Gauntlet snap, Mark Ruffalo basically spoiled it without us knowing—while Don Cheadle sat by him in bewilderment at his slip.

Now, nearly four months after the secrets of Avengers: Infinity War have been out, Cheadle looked back on that moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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"I tried to stop him, you saw it. I was like 'I wouldn't say a lot,' you know," explained Cheadle, who added that it could have been worse. "Well if you listen very closely, he actually started to say the absolute truth and then had to try to say 'everybody' after he almost said 'half.' It was just messed the whole thing up."

Luckily, the House of Lies actor said there wasn't any fallout for the two but just to be safe, he joked that Ruffalo "can't do any press for any movie because he might talk about a Marvel movie."


Cheadle also spoke about his interactions with Kendrick Lamar, revealing he tried to cast Lamar for the role of Junior in the Miles Ahead. The role ultimately went to Lakeith Stanfield, but Cheadle and Lamar maintained a friendship that led to the "DNA" music video. K-Dot also pays homage to Cheadle's Rush Hour 2 character, Kung Fu Kenny, with his latest persona of the same name. But, Cheadle, who's now dubbed OG Kung Fu Kenny, didn't even realize the connection at first.

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"He [Lamar] invited me to Coachella to see his concert and everything and I was in his video. So I go to Coachella, he does this little movie in his performance and it's a kung-fu dude, he plays a kung-fu dude like in the video and I'm like 'Wow, that's kind of dope.' And then afterward I went home and he was kind of weird to me," explained Cheadle. "I didn't know what was going on. And the next day I was on Twitter and somebody wrote, 'Oh OG Kung Fu Kenny.' And I was like 'Oh is he talking about the character that I played in the movie?' I texted him, I was like 'Wait a minute, am I OG Kung Fu Kenny?' He was like 'Yeah, dumbass. That's you!'"

The nickname now lives forever (or till he decides to change it) in Cheadle's Twitter bio.

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