AMC Is Developing Primetime Animated Series Based on Sci-Fi Short Stories

Ken Liu's sci-fi short stories will be adapted into an animation series for AMC. The famed writer went to Twitter to share the "pretty happy news" with his followers.

AMC is known for creating drama-filled shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, but now the network is delving into animation. 

Deadline reports AMC has opened up a writers room to produce multiple scripts for an animated series called Pantheon, which is based on a series of Ken Liu's short stories about uploaded intelligence. As Verge points out, the series will likely tackle Liu's stories, "Simulacrum" and "Staying Behind" since they both delve into "uploading human minds into computers."

Liu is best known for crafting short sci-fi stories The Grace of Kings and The Paper Menagerie, the latter of which is the first ever book to win the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy award. Liu also wrote an official Star Wars novel, The Legends of Luke Skywalker. The writer later went to Twitter to share his excitement about the announcement.

As of now, the writers include The Walking Dead's co-executive producer Seth Hoffman and Turn creator Craig Silverstein. AMC is aiming for this series to air at a primetime slot.

Liu's series isn't the only new one that's heading to AMC. Jason Segel's mystery anthology series Dispatches From Elsewhere is slated to head to the network along with an adaptation of Joe Hill’s horror novel, NOS4A2. But as we wait for those shows to arrive at AMC, The Walking Dead is coming back for season 9 and Better Call Saulhas been renewed return for a fifth season a week before its fourth season premiere on Monday.

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