Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Finally Set Aside the Beef by Attending Couples Therapy

"I imagine it sucks to be him," says Kimmel of the reality of being Damon. "Look at him. And he’s trying to be a movie star?"

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Few well-constructed fake beefs have been as prosperous as the one between current quote king Matt Damon and confirmed video game loverJimmy Kimmel, a feud perpetuated by Jimmy's penchant for usually mentioning Matt as often as five times a week from the comfort of his ABC throne. Thankfully, the two finally seem prepared to set aside the faux beefery for good, a move likely prompted by Matt strategically crashingJimmy Kimmel Live! during a segment centered on the recent news that Mars definitely has water:

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The very special episode, playfully dubbed "Hate Night," also included a quick bout of couples therapy. "Seriously, what are you doing here?" Kimmel asks a less-than-enthused Damon. "You said I could be on the show earlier when we were in therapy," reveals a bewildered Damon. As these things often go, Kimmel then hit everyone with the footage.

"I imagine it sucks to be him," Kimmel tells Dr. Kim Canter Burger​. "Look at him. And he’s trying to be a movie star?" Damon then claims he's been waiting in a dressing room for at least a decade, forever chasing the promise of an actual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show. "I try to get him on the show," Kimmel responds. "We only have a one-hour show every night, ok?"

Apologies to Matt Damon. We ran out of beef.

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