When Jimmy Kimmel took admittedly mild aim at the YouTube Gaming industry last week, he unknowingly stepped into a never-ending hell of thumbs down ratings on his YouTube uploads and ridiculous death threats. It was the kind of dedicated wrath only a recently-valued-at-$3-billion industry could properly deliver, complete with one particularly detailed death fantasy involving brushing one's teeth with a blender.

However, it would appear that cooler heads have prevailed. On Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel invited popular YouTube gamers Markiplier and MissesMae to the show to give him a quick lesson in the benefits of learning to love YouTube Gaming and the viable industry surrounding its current boom. "I come in peace," Kimmel tells the proverbial peace negotiators. Expressing his continued confusion as to why anyone would want to watch other people play video games, Kimmel reads a selection of recent (poetic) death threats he's received since unleashing this little gem:

Aside from his admission that he "hates watching other people have fun," Kimmel does appear to walk away from the peace negotiations with a newfound appreciation for the art of watching. Sadly, Kimmel's public plea for peace hasn't quite been met with unanimous support from other gamers: