2 Pokémon Go Players Fall Off Cliff While Trying to Catch 'Em All

Two Pokémon Go players in San Diego fell off a cliff while engrossed in the ubiquitous game.

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You know how it goes. One minute you're effortlessly catching Pokémon, the next you're just as effortlessly falling off a cliff wondering what it all really means. Pokémon Go, the augmented reality phenomenon that finally has humans interested in walking again, has already been at the center of a handful of would-be tragedies. The game not only makes the life of a cheater impossibly difficult, it also makes stab wound victims delay medical attention to find more Pokémon (and beer). But falling off a cliff in pursuit of Pokémon? Next level.

Two dudes Pokémon Go'd their way off a cliff in San Diego's North County Wednesday, NBC San Diegoreported. Lifeguards first reported to the Encinitas Fire Department that a man had fallen off a cliff. When authorities arrived, the man was discovered "around 80 to 90 feet down" on the beach. Another man, unconscious at the time, was also found.

"Encinitas Fire and Marine Safety often respond to cliff rescues and bluff failures," Fire Marshal Anita Pupping said Thursday in a press release. "Stay clear of all bluffs, overhangs, and cliffs." According to the department, both men were transported to nearby Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center with "moderate" injuries.

Crisis (mostly) averted.

Much has been written about the possible dangers of pursuing adorable Pokémon in real life while ignoring one's surroundings. That guy we mentioned earlier who was stabbed by a total stranger while playing Pokémon Go in Oregon? He's doing fine after some stitches and a remarkably chill interview. But the question remains: how far will (or should?) you be willing to go for Pokémon Go?

Keep it safe and cliffless out there.

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