The Rock on Being Named World's Highest-Paid Actor: "Greatness Is Never Achieved Alone"

Johnson, the world's highest-paid actor, has some tips for achieving greatness.

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This year has been a marathon of wins for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, from presidential teases to absolutely nailing his impression of Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart. So it's no surprise that Forbes named The Rock the highest-paid actor on the planet in their annual Highest Paid Celebrities list, clocking in at a mean $64.5 million.

"Receiving news like this will always serve as my anchoring reminder to continue to work even harder," Johnson said on Instagram Wednesday. "We not only want to 'embrace the grind,' but take the grind to new levels. I learned a few invaluable lessons a long time ago that can help all of you guys out there succeed at whatever it is you're doing." According to Johnson, pushing yourself to the brink of greatness is not a task you can do without some help.

"Greatness is never achieved alone," Johnson said. "Surround yourself with hungry, brilliant individuals who not only buy into your philosophy, but who are all willing to work just as hard as you. Power of teamwork." Hell yeah! Now's the time to walk out of your cubicle Jerry Maguire-style and grab some greatness. Right now! Life is, like, really fucking short.

The wins will probably continue for The Rock for the foreseeable future, as dude is currently sitting on a handful of obvious cinematic bangers. That R-rated Baywatch movie you dreamed about for decades? It's finally happening with The Rock, Zac Efron, and a couple veryfamiliar faces:

Jumanji reboot? Check.

Presumably great Fast 8? Check!

The Rock's next stop may very well be the White House.

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