Pamela Anderson has finally (finally!) agreed to hop aboard the reportedly R-rated Baywatch reboot, as announced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson via his unusually news-stacked Instagram. "She introduced the world to CJ Parker and became one of the most iconic characters of a generation, for the most successful TV show of all time," Johnson 'grammed on Friday, adding that it was "a pleasure" to welcome Anderson to the cast.

Anderson joins the previously announced David Hasselhoffwelcomed by The Rock back in March with the soul-affirming revelation that there simply "ain't no bay without The Hoff." Wow. So true.​ Given the general reboot nature of this increasingly promising Baywatch movie, both Hasselhoff and Anderson will (of course) most likely be popping into frame either via highly tweetable cameos or fully developed fresh characters. If the meta gods have any say, maybe they can just play themselves.

Anderson was initially reluctant to join the role, with Anderson telling ET Canada back in February that the original offer simply wasn't cutting it. "I haven't turned it down completely yet," Anderson said then, "but I have turned down what they offered me." Thankfully, the new Baywatch team was apparently able to work something out. Baywatch, which also features burgeoning comedian Zac Efron, adds some R-ratedness to its general nostalgia starting May 19 of next year.