'Solo' Director Ron Howard Got a Fist Bump From Chewie After His First Day on Set

'Solo' drops May 25.

Today is May the 4th, so it's only fair we talk a little Star Wars. On the eve of this special day, Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard stopped by the Late Show to talk about the process of joining a film that was already in progress, following the departure of original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

"Well, I had to sign an NDA before I could even really have the conversation," Howard told host Stephen Colbert when asked about the unique directing experience. "Look, it was a great screenplay. It was an unusual circumstance and, you know, no movie, no set of creative people wanna be a part of something like that. It was absolutely creative differences in this particular case."

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Howard went on: "Once I knew that they were gonna make a change, you know, I read the script—Larry Kasdan and his son Jon wrote it—and, of course, Larry . . . this is his fourth of the Star Wars movies, starting with Empire Strikes Back. I loved it. I loved the story. It surprised me." 

Howard added that, even prior to Disney buying up Star Wars, a Solo film had been discussed by Kasdan, George Lucas, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.


Though Howard's first day on set did have some "chaotic" elements to it, the first round of shooting was a success. "It all went beautifully and I felt really good about it, but here's this amazing thing that happened," Howard said. "I mean, let me just tell you, when you get a fist bump and a full-body hug from Chewbacca? It's an experience I wish every movie maker could have."

Catch Howard's full interview, during which he sidesteps any confirmation or denial of Kessel Run happenings, up top. Solo is out May 25.

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