Ahead of Solo: A Star Wars Story's release, Donald Glover is giving a tour of his Millennium Falcon.

In the featurette, Glover shows us around Lando Calrissian's ship. This includes the living quarters where he declares "everything is patent leather," the guest quarters aka a "pretty awesome space," and a bar where he offers to shake up a cocktail.

"This ship has probably never looked better than when Lando kinda had it," he says, before taking viewers into Lando's bedroom, which of course includes a closet of many capes. Glover reveals his cape room includes an "everyday cape," "sister's wedding cape," "intergalactic president's day cape," and a furry brown one in case "someone gets cold."

And of course no ship would be complete without a cockpit. Glover shares what he thinks is the "coolest part of the ship" aka the hyperdrive. He kicks it into gear and sends them flying. "I never get tired of that," he says.

Check it out above. Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters on May 25.