Unmasked Sarah Palin Did “Baby Got Back” on ‘The Masked Singer’ for Some Reason

The coronavirus chapter of America's story is weird as hell.

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Fox's presumed sociological experiment The Masked Singer was hit with a devastating threat to Americans' physical and mental health on Wednesday night, i.e. the surprise presence of Sarah Palin.

The unveiling of Palin as the previously disguised bear, not to mention the ensuing performance of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," indeed managed to rival the fear many around the country have been feeling during the coronavirus era.

As with other public figure unveilings on the show, Palin also participated in a mask-free interview segment and is alleged to have said some words and whatnot, but I'm not even going to bother including that here. Find a better way to spend your time, but first peruse a fine assortment of commentary on Palin's unmasking below:

In far less dire examples of masked singery, last month saw the revelation that Lil Wayne was the voice behind a Lenny Kravitz-covering robot character.

In an interview with MTV this week, Weezy looked back on the experience, noting that he was initially trying to get Nicki Minaj on the Fox series. 

"I told [Mack Maine] 'Let 'em know I'm a huge fan' and I wanted to get Nicki on there," he said. "Tell 'em I would love to get Nicki on there. And it came back like 'Man they want you on there.'"

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