Lil Wayne was a special guest who was revealed during the Season 3 premiere of The Masked Singer. Fans were shocked when they heard Wayne's voice crooning out a rendition of Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way" through a robot costume. When asked why he decided to make an appearance on the show, Weezy revealed to MTV's Fresh Out that he was actually trying to get Nicki Minaj on the show.

Wayne told MTV's Jamila Mustafa that he's been a fan of the show since his close friend and creative partner T-Pain made an appearance in the first episode. As a result, Weezy thought the show would be a good space for Nicki to showcase her singing ability. 

"I've been watching since the first episode, because the first episode, when it came on I knew it was T-Pain," Lil Wayne said around 3 minutes into the interview. "Because of that I told [Mack Maine] to call them. I told him 'Let 'em know I'm a huge fan' and I wanted to get Nicki on there. Tell 'em I would love to get Nicki on there. And it came back like 'Man they want you on there.'"

T-Pain and Wayne developed a relationship after a streak of exchanging features and honing the Auto-Tune sound. During this time, Wayne became known for doing verse-for-verse features and highlighting tracks with his guest spots. Due to his collaborative nature, Mustafa wondered if Weezy was interested in working with any new artist that is currently on the rise. 

"Lizzo," Wayne answered. "I would love to work with Lizzo."

A Weezy/Lizzo track could easily be in the works. Wayne's intense work ethic has taken on a life of its own, sparking stories about his recording process. When talking to MTV, he gave them another peek into his process. The rapper scoffed at the idea of only possessing 80 unreleased songs, revealing he's actually recorded more than 50 tracks in one night.

"When you leave the session and you ask 'Can I get what got from what I did tonight?' and it comes back as files of what you done from that night," Wayne explained. "My last files was 53. So, I did 53 songs that night."