Resurfaced ‘Family Guy’ Joke About Nipsey Hussle Stirs Debate

The joke in question appeared in a 2021 episode of the animated comedy. Though it's not clear why, a short clip of the episode went viral on Twitter this week.

Nipsey Hussle is seen at a Grammys event

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Nipsey Hussle is seen at a Grammys event

A joke about Nipsey Hussle originally included in a 2021 episode of Family Guy has resurfaced on social media, stirring some belated commentary.

The moment in question occurs in the Season 19 episode “Young Parent Trap,” which aired in April of 2021 and was directed by Jerry Langford. In it, Chris (voiced by Seth Green) tells his parents, Peter and Lois, that he’s going to attend a music festival. When asked for more details about the festival, Chris mentions the expected presence of 2Pac and Nipsey Hussle holograms.

“They’re gonna have holograms of 2Pac and also Nipsey Hussle, who I’d never heard of and then was told to care immensely about,” the character says.

As the tweet above started its ascent into virality, a debate broke out about the joke itself, with some criticizing it while others argued that this is par for the course when it comes to Family Guy-style mockery. Those on the latter side of the debate also pointed out how the joke itself appears to be targeting not Nipsey himself, but rather how some people responded to the death.

dare i say nip was mainstream… i’m a yt girl from the depths of ohio and i knew who nipsey was. i’ve heard this ‘joke’ a few times now, so to those of you who this resonates with—what kind of music ARE u listening to

— baby carrat🐀 (@babythedivine) January 25, 2023

Nipsey probably would’ve laughed at this too… this is funny, and if anything boosted his streams to a new audience

— A-Tron - Mayor of LA (@DJA_Tron) January 25, 2023

Can’t remember the last time iWatched that shit…

— STATUS SYMBOL ✌🏽🏁 (@ChevSoAmazin) January 25, 2023

Ion even like family guy but media literacy as at a all time low if you guys think this joke is making fun of his death and not the white hipsters that suddenly became his fans after he died 😭

— . (@nich0las__825) January 25, 2023

See… it’s a particular group of people who’s gonna be mad about this but stay telling other people that they’re “too sensitive.”

— Cake by the pound (@LaNegraMimosa) January 25, 2023

Amid the back-and-forth, some have also pointed to another Seth MacFarlane series, The Cleveland Show. A spin-off of Family Guy, the since-canceled series focused on Cleveland Brown, a Black character who was voiced by white actor Mike Henry. In 2020, Henry announced that he would no longer be voicing the character.

White people show making fun of a really tragic event like that feels kinda wrong, idk, feels like mockery, don't forget these people made Cleveland and had him voiced by mike henry

— 🐎🩸 (@uhvaimorre) January 25, 2023

In December, a judge was reported to have turned down an attempt from the lawyer of the man convicted in Nipsey’s murder to have the conviction reduced to a less serious charge. Earlier that year, Eric Holder Jr. was announced to have been found guilty of first-degree murder, among other charges, in Nipsey’s killing.

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