Really Old Woman Calls Cops to Report Neighbor Screaming "ISIS Is Great!" During Sex

Come on, old people.

Image via Pixabay

Given the nearly limitless depths of human languages and forms of communication, people have no shortage of compelling phrases to scream during a particularly impassioned bout of intercourse. Some people, presumably, use their loud sex sessions to admit some otherwise embarrassing things like "I’ve never watched The Wire!" or "I still don’t know how to pronounce quinoa!"

However, an 82-year-old Wisconsin woman wasn’t amused by her neighbors’ alleged copulation chants. The woman called Brown Deer Police on Sunday to inform them that she heard someone screaming "ISIS is good! ISIS is great!" while banging, which (if true) is definitely an unsettling choice of loud sex phrases. Police did not intervene on the sex-in-progress, according to CBS 58, choosing instead to advise the elderly woman to just call back if the so-called "chant" was repeated.

The Brown Deer Police Chief isn’t wasting much energy on the report, at least according to his well-timed Twitter reply:

Regardless of what you choose to scream and/or admit during your own loud sex, be sure to employ a condom or two.

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