Never one to back away from a challenge, certified legend Bryan Cranston refused to simply deliver one highly tweetable moment during his appearance on the iconic Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo. Instead, Walter White a.k.a. Dr. Tim Whatley a.k.a. Hal Wilkerson tossed in a vivid loss-of-virginity tale for good measure.

"We went to Europe for a month,” Cranston recalls. "It cost us like seven or eight hundred dollars, if you don’t include the prostitutes." Naturally, two of Cranston’s pals (who were actually training with the Los Angeles Police Department at the time) urged a visit to Amsterdam's Red Light District. "We go to this house with a red light, which I thought was very convenient and subtle advertising."

Though young Cranston apparently didn't have quite enough money to engage in the offered services, apparently took him "to a room" anyway. Describing the encounter as both "awful and wonderful," Cranston says he nerves finally calmed once he found himself among friends again. "When I got back to the other 20 guys with the group, all 16 to 18 years old, I was good," laughs Cranston. To be fair, "awful and wonderful" is the exact wording of many tales of virginity loss.