Hooking up at the office holiday party might seem like self-sabotage, but it can be (and is) done. In fact, according to new survey data from erotica site Ann Summers, it's done a lot. Of the 2,000 people surveyed by the site, more than half admitted to making out with a colleague during the office holiday part, and 39 percent admitted to going all the way, Maxim reports

Thanks to all the free booze, most co-workers don't wait until they get home to get it on—the most popular spot to hook up is the parking lot (25 percent say they've done it), followed by the board room (21 percent), a storage cupboard (18 percent), a boss' office (16 percent), and their own desks (15 percent). What better way to stick it to the man than to stick it in in his (or her) corner office? 

The survey also ranked which employees are naughtiest—IT came out on top at a whopping 76 percent. Maybe all it's all that pent-up aggression from a lifetime spent fixing other people's tech problems? Repressed junior staff members were least likely to hook up (or the least likely to 'fess up); only 26 percent admitted to misbehaving at the holiday party.

A spokesperson for Ann Summers explained the phenomenon like this: "You spend so much time with your colleagues at work that it’s easy to fall for them, so the Christmas party is the perfect time to get rid of that sexual tension." Just don't make it awkward.