Naomi Osaka Netflix Docuseries Sheds Light on Her Life on and Off the Court

The series, out now, is directed by Garrett Bradley and offers viewers a unique and intimate look inside the life of pro tennis player Naomi Osaka.

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With the new docuseries Naomi Osaka, out now on Netflix, director Garrett Bradley offers a unique and intimate look inside the life of one of the most talented athletes of a generation.

On Tuesday, Complex Climate—a creative entity under Complex Networks—shared a teaser for the deeply personal and important story.

“When Netflix came to Climate to help promote the Naomi Osaka documentary series, the whole team connected to her story,” the Climate team said. “We are all of multiple worlds and have all been active participants in defining who we are and how we are seen.”

Of particular inspiration to the Climate team was the inclusion of Mari, Naomi’s sister, who lends her voice to the larger story of what being a champion means to the family. “Helping to tell these cultural stories is one of the things that is most important to Climate, but having an authentic voice is always paramount.”

In a recent interview with Amy Kaufman for The Los Angeles Times, Bradley spoke at length on the differing impacts a member of the press and someone in a director role can have on a person in Naomi’s position.

“I tried to reinforce that I wasn’t press as much as possible, even in terms of physically where I was,” Bradley explained. “It was important that I was seeing what she was seeing—to show her looking at the press, for instance. In many ways, I think this shows the building blocks to the current moment of where we’re at.”

The series is out now on Netflix.

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