Larry David Is 'Shocked' That 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Makes People Cringe

The god LD is on the cover of 'GQ' ahead of the tenth season premiere of 'Curb.'


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Larry David is on the goddamn cover of GQ, so show some respect.

And while aggregating from cover stories that are best enjoyed in full is a fool's errand of the highest order, we've assembled some highlights below, including David's thoughts on the eventual finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“I would never do that again,” David told writer Brett Martin when looking back on the end of Seinfeld and looking ahead to how he might handle the end of Curb, suggesting a less finale-y bow for the HBO classic. Speaking on his experiments in the feature-length form, he expressed similar reticence at trying again. “I don't know; some people are better at short stories than novels,” he said.

The delightful piece also sees David analyzing Larry, the character, ultimately pushing back against the notion that Curb hinges on so-called cringe humor.

"When I was told that there were moments in the show that made people cringe, I was shocked," David revealed. "It never occurred to me."

Instead of coming from a place of intentional cringe, David explained, he simply came from a place of knowing what the audience would think was relatably funny. "I'll tell you this: If something made me cringe, I don't think I'd put it in the show," he said, agreeing that he considers the character both a truth-teller and someone who's simply expressing himself in ways we all wish we could.

"All these rules we set up for ourselves...I don't think I'm a bad guy," he said. "I'm honest. I'm not mean. I'm never cruel. Come up with one example where I've done something bad. I don't think you'll find it."

According to GQ, Curb will feature a #MeToo plotline in the new season; however, additional details beyond that aren't provided "given the modern fetish for TV secrecy."

A chunk of the interview takes place inside a country club, as coverage of the Trump impeachment hearings are being broadcasted. To no one's surprise, David cannot bite his tongue as soon as he sees POTUS appear on the screen.

"Stop lying, you asshole," he shouts, after acknowleding other club members have very different opinions of Trump. "I talk louder on purpose when they're around ... To me, if somebody bought Fox News, I would feel the same as I felt when the Berlin Wall came down. That feeling of euphoria, like the world was going to change."

David also shared some fashion advice ("You have to be half-dressed"), dished on proper urinal selection etiquette, and much more. You know what to do.

Curb, meanwhile, returns Jan. 19. In the meantime, peruse these David-referencing J.B. Smoove clips from Tuesday's Late Night appearance:

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