Lakeith Stanfield on Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' Performance: 'Wait Till They See Me Do It'

This better happen.

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Few know how to own the space of the late-night talk show appearance quite like Lakeith Stanfield, whose recent creative output has truly been something to behold.

The Knives Out, The Photograph, and Uncut Gems star made good use of his Jimmy Kimmel Live! time on Wednesday night by reminding viewers of his adoration for a currently quite viable DC character: the Joker.

"I just like dressing up and I also love the Joker, so there you go. You got both things," Stanfield said when asked about his recent Joker cosplay at the premiere of the Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix movie. 

Asked about his desire to play the character at some point in the future, the Atlanta standout confirmed that's still very much the aim.

"I'd love to play the Joker," he said. "That'd be beautiful." And while Phoenix may have earned high praise for his take on the character, that's only made Stanfield more excited to deliver his own.

"That makes me go 'Wait till they see me do it,'" he said. "Also, I make my own Joker movies at home with my own personal camera. All you gotta do is dress up and make your own. Why not? I still had the makeup on so I was like, 'Let me just keep going with it.'"

For now, catch Lakeith Stanfield in director Stella Meghie's The Photograph alongside Issa Rae, opening Feb. 14.

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