Jordan Peele on ‘Very Creepily’ Buying Corey Feldman’s Prosthetic ‘Stand By Me’ Ear

Jordan Peele and Corey Feldman have recently struck up a "new friendship," according to the 'Nope' writer and director. Peele is "very proud of this."

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Jordan Peele detailed his “new friendship” with Corey Feldman and revealed he purchased the actor’s prosthetic Stand By Me ear during an appearance on Late Night on Thursday.

Around the 2:22 mark in the clip up top, Peele was asked about his upcoming The Lost Rider: A Chronicle of Hollywood Sacrifice film series. The Peele-curated series of films, including Nope and others selected by the director, is presented by Film at Lincoln Center and is designed to provide viewers with a number of entires that provide “good context to what [Nope] is about.”

As Peele explained to Seth Meyers on Thursday, the series features multiple Feldman entries, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Stand By Me among them, as well as the previously unreleased The Birthday.

“I have a new friendship with Corey Feldman, very proud of this,” Peele told Meyers. “He invited me and my producer to his house. We went to his house which was awesome. It has some memorabilia and stuff. … By the way, if you don’t know Corey Feldman, it means—first of all—fuck off you’re a kid. But this is, like, one of the greatest teen icons of all time.”

Elaborating further, Peele pointed to the conceptual importance of The Birthday within the context of the curated film series.

“We visit and he has this film that he showed called The Birthday that was unreleased,” he said. “If you are, like, a cinephile who is just into, like, a complete what-the-F-did-I-just-watch experience, it is this treasure. So the thing is kind of leading up to this missing film because the movie Nope in itself is about exploitation and erasure.”

As for Feldman, Peele said he’s “thrilled” about being involved with the Film at Lincoln Center series. Peele also revealed that he told Feldman directly about his purchase, which appears to have stemmed from last year’s widely reported auction of the classic piece of movie memorabilia.

“I’m happy to consider him a friend,” Peele said. “There was a whole thing where he was auctioning the ear that he wore as Teddy in Stand By Me and I guess I very creepily bought it.”

Extending the joke about the perceived “creepy” aspect of the buy, Peele continued: “In saying it out loud, I realize how creepy it was. That’s not the thing you should share.”

Feldman, however, was apparently stoked to hear that it was Peele who ultimately got his hands on the ear.

“At the end of this thing, I mentioned it to him and he’s like, ‘Wait, you got the ear?’” Peele recalled. “I was like ‘Yeah’ and he was like, ‘Man I’m so glad it was you.’”

See more from Peele and Meyers up top, including praise for Nope star Keke Palmer, as well as a separate clip from the appearance below focused on Pacino and puppetry.

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