There’s a strong possibility you were one of the thousands of people who flocked to the cinemas this weekend to see Nope, the latest film from Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele. If you’ve seen either of Peele’s previous films, you know the director likes to seed all kinds of references, easter eggs, and hidden meanings about the larger thematic points of his films into them. In fact, Peele’s movies often become richer the more viewers revisit them and find new bits of storytelling they hadn’t before. 

That fact remains the same with Nope. The Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer-led film feature plenty of weighty thematic content to explore on subsequent watches and plenty of nods to Hollywood’s history. So while you may understand the film’s major twists and turns, you may have missed all the small details that go into fleshing out that larger picture. But don’t worry; we’ve rounded up nine of Nope’s biggest and best easter eggs that either enhance, inform, or even directly foreshadow the events of the movie.

It goes without saying, but, major spoiler alert for Nope below.