Jordan Peele Makes His Blumhouse Horror Debut With First 'Get Out' Trailer

Jordan Peele, formerly of 'Key & Peele,' is out here writing and directing horror movies now.

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Key & Peele alum Jordan Peele is out here writing and directing horror movies now, and the first trailer for next year's Get Out shows that he might have just totally nailed it with his genre debut. Get Out, starring Daniel Kaluuya (Sicario) and Allison Williams (Girls), centers on a young African-American man who joins his white girlfriend for a weekend of meeting the 'rents. As the first trailer makes pretty damn clear, things get really terrifying really fast.

The film, damn near spoiled entirely in this detailed 2-minute trailer, features some hella familiar faces from other TV and movie things that were inarguably great. Keith Stanfield from Donald Glover's Atlanta? He's definitely here. Bradley Whitford from The West Wing? Yep. Catherine Keener from, well, too many great things to name? Check!​ Get Out also boasts the Blumhouse Productions name, i.e. the same scary AF team behind The Purge, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and The Lords of Salem:

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Speaking withForbes shortly after the trailer's launch Wednesday, Peele revealed some of his inspirations throughout the Get Out writing process. "I definitely looked at Rosemary's Baby and The Stepford Wives as tonal (inspirations) for Get Out, especially because as those movies are developing we reveal more and more about this sort of awful direction it's heading," Peele explained. "I love The Shining. I think for most horror fans it's going to be high on their list. I love Halloween. I love The Birds and (Alfred) Hitchcock."

Get Out hits theaters on Feb. 24, 2017.

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