What's better than two totally hilarious people falling in love and getting engaged? Two totally hilarious people falling in love, getting engaged, and having a secret wedding. Duh. Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti did exactly that, with Peele slyly breaking the news alongside Keanu co-star Keegan-Michael Key earlier this week on Seth Meyers' Late Night:

"I am married to actress Chelsea Peretti," Peele revealed during a skit with Key centered on teaching fans how to "tell them apart." The skit, though hilarious with or without the quick marriage announcement, was followed shortly by Peretti hitting the 'gram for a dog-honoring confirmation of her own:

Seriously. Just look at that dog. Wow. Peele and Peretti first revealed their engagement back in November, with Peretti tweeting that Peele had actually proposed to her "during the family talent show," which definitely sounds like a proposal idea worth imitating. But anyway, back to dogs:

As love is nothing if not a ton of fun, the couple previously teased what a possible Peretti-Peele wedding might look like earlier this month with some timely ads for Booking.com:

Congrats to Jordan and Chelsea (and that awesome dog)!