2016 is lame. Thanks to the noticeable absence of Comedy Central's Peabody-winning Key & Peele, TV has suffered greatly from a distinct lack of truly masterful sketch comedy. The show took its final bow last September, having perfected what is arguably one of the hardest formats to nail. In a fresh Emmys-inspired chat with Vulture, Keegan-Michael Key broke down the inspiration behind his favorite season 5 Key & Peele sketches and made us all miss this show even more.

Understandably, dude considers "Old-Timers Talk Drake" to be one of the finest slices of Key & Peele. The skit, which features Key and Jordan Peele as older gentlemen hilariously confused by the mention of Drake at a bar, actually started inching its way into existence while the duo were shooting Fargo.

"My favorite thing about that sketch was how it came to be," Key said. "We were in Calgary shooting Fargo and a young man, probably 23 years old, biracial, came up to us and asked us what we were doing there, wondering why we would be in Alberta, Canada, of all places. And then very quickly, in a very casual mumbly way, he said, 'You guys like [mumbling, so it sounds like 'drink'] Drake?'"

Both Peele and Jordan originally thought the man was saying "drink," a brief moment of confusion that Key estimates was a bit of an existential bummer for Peele. "I'm older than Jordan, but it might have been one of the first times he has experienced feeling old," Key told Vulture

Key also revealed that he and his frequent collaborator Peele have a nickname for this style of sketch: peas in a pod. "It's two characters that share a point of view against the world," Key said. "I love those." So do we! More please!

The Key & Peele duo gave their proven collab brilliance a cinematic makeover earlier this year with Keanu, the critically acclaimed comedy directed by Peter Atencio. The movie is about a cat. Well, kinda. Key and Peele are the stars. What more do you need to know? See it if you haven't already. You can also peep more of Key's final season favorites and the experiences that birthed them right here.