Joe Exotic Pens Thanksgiving Message Asking Supporters to Help Get Him Pardoned

Mr. Exotic, who's aiming for a presidential pardon, wants everyone to soak up their Thanksgiving fun before giving some thought to his current predicament.

Tiger King

Image via Netflix

Tiger King

Thanksgiving, a holiday already rife with issues, is a particularly worrisome calendar entry in 2020 thanks to the ongoing pandemic. For those celebrating safely, however, it's an opportunity to—at the very least—kick back and peruse a new holiday message from Tiger King subject Joe Exotic.

Mr. Exotic—who is presently serving a 22-year sentence stemming from multiple federal charges—wished his supporters well while also sending out another pardon-promoting plea.

While Exotic urged an enjoyment of Thanksgiving, per TMZ, he requested that subsequent days include some pondering on his current situation.

"Please think about the last three holidays I have spent in here while all the people that lied to put me here and the people that made money off of films, products, and so on with the people that put me here under false pretense enjoy their freedom and their families during the holidays," Exotic wrote, according to Thursday's report.

From there, Exotic—soon to be played by Nicolas Cage in a scripted series—asked his supporters to "pick up a phone on Monday" and start asking Congress members to put their weight behind his efforts to secure a presidential pardon during Trump's final weeks in office.

"I would love for some of you that has the power to pick up a phone and contact some pretty influential people to do so, so I could go home before something happens to my father or [his husband] Dillon," Exotic added.

Last week, Eric Love—the ex-cop who’s now in charge of Exotic’s business and legal matters—expressed confidence in the chances for a pardon. 

Not only does Love and team believe "the pardon's gonna happen," but they've also secured an exclusive deal with a limo service in Texas to keep staff and vehicles on 24-hours-a-day standby.

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