There’s no holiday during the year that comes with more feelings than Thanksgiving: the happiness from eating a home-cooked meal, the anger from getting your business brought up in family gossip or during Friendsgiving, the excitement from seeing your favorite cousin, and of course, the eagerness for the food to be ready. There somehow seems to always be a lot going on, but before emotions, memes, Thanksgiving Day parades, movies and TV specials became a celebratory mark of the holiday, Thanksgiving Day looked a lot different 400 years ago. Thanksgiving originally started when Pilgrims from New England settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. After a long drought, the English settlers and American natives held a feast to celebrate the new harvest, commencing the very first Thanksgiving. Today we keep that tradition alive in North America by celebrating Thanksgiving on November 28th, the fourth Thursday of the month. However in Canada, the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of November. Thanksgiving Day dinners are marked by key menu items like Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, but depending on how you choose to celebrate you could find yourself at the table with a number of things. For many it’s a special time of the year to express gratefulness, but for some, it’s just another Thursday off with extra food.

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