Thanksgiving, which has been socially reformed as a holiday acknowledgment due to the damages of deeply embedded revisionist history, brought with it a new set of difficulties this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Still, plenty of creatives in a position to do so—T.I. and Lil Wayne among them—found ways to step up for the 2020 edition of the feast-centered day.

These acts of generosity are particularly commendable given the limitations facing those who wish to celebrate the day this year while (wisely) keeping safety in mind. Earlier this month, the CDC released new guidance cautioning against typical holiday travel and mass gatherings. Mass gatherings, of course, have been discouraged by health officials for the majority of 2020. However, concerns have peaked again as we move further into the holiday season due to growing case numbers. 

Peep the CDC's Thanksgiving advisories here, and for more on the damaging history of the Thanksgiving myth, give this a read.

In the spirit of commending generosity, we've rounded up a few highlights from the early 2020 holiday season below.