Jacob Elordi on 'GOAT' Leonardo DiCaprio Approaching Him at Night Club to Praise 'Euphoria' Camera Angles

The candle-inspiring actor is on one hell of a run, including a hosting stint at 'SNL' this weekend.

jacob elordi and leonardo dicaprio on red carpets
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jacob elordi and leonardo dicaprio on red carpets

Imagine, if you will, Leonardo DiCaprio approaching Jacob Elordi in a dimly lit club where no one, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jacob Elordi, can hear a goddamn thing because it's too fucking loud. Now imagine DiCaprio doing so just to deliver some kind words of praise for Euphoria, the third season of which is still a ways off.

According to Elordi, this exact scenario played out earlier in his career. About three minutes into his interview with Phlegmy Gallons on Thursday, Elordi, whose turn as Elvis Presley in last year’s Priscilla film earned high marks from critics, was asked about the current status of production on the series’ upcoming third season. Per Elordi, he’s hoping they start shooting “soon,” joking that showmakers may have to “Benjamin Button me” otherwise. Elordi then broke out his DiCaprio story.

"The biggest one is Leonardo DiCaprio, which sounds like a crazy name-drop and it is a crazy name-drop," the BAFTA-nominated Saltburn actor said when asked about famous Euphoria fans. "But yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio, he came up to me in a club one time when I was sort of much younger. And so we’re in this club and there’s really loud music and everything. He’s like, 'The shot in the first season, you know the shot where you came in,' and it’s him and I in the middle of this club just talking about camera angles."

DiCaprio, Elordi added, is "the GOAT."

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This weekend, Elordi will host a new episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Reneé Rapp. Among the projects up next for the candle-inspirer is Paul Schrader's Oh, Canada, based on Russell Banks' 2021 novel Foregone.

DiCaprio, meanwhile, is fresh off his Golden Globe-nominated performance in frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon, not to mention word that he had signed on for what's set to become Paul Thomas Anderson's "most commercial" film to date.

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