Gross Frat Bros Attempt to Lure Freshman Girls and Their Moms to Gross Frat House With Gross Frat Signs

Frat bros are sticking to their personal brand, most recently displaying ludicrously offensive banners to welcome freshman girls to campus.

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In this vast and meaningless universe, there are many different types and levels of "gross." The science project hair follicles atop Donald Trump's bulbous brain house? Gross. The elusive dentist who killed Cecil the Lion? Gross. The guy at Trader Joe's who always insists on asking what you're doing this weekend? Gross. However, a special level of gross, the reserved VIP area of gross, is roped off for card-carrying members of an elite group otherwise known as frat bros.

Never one to back away from a centuries-strong battle of grossness, a Sigma Nu chapter at Old Dominion University in Virginia attempted to outgross former champion of such thingsLouisiana State University by unveiling proud public displays of dangerously casual, rape-winking misogyny in the form of poorly made banners. In addition to the three all caps sentiments above, the failed wordsmiths presumably planned to craft even more, a discussion of which surely occurred while they all ironed their pleated Duck Head shorts together in Zack's black-light-laden bedroom (there's always a Zack).

The chapter has since been suspended, with the school's Student Government Association releasing the following statement:

An incident occurred this weekend that does not reflect the University’s commitment to the prevention of Sexual Assault and Dating Violence. Not only do these actions taken by a few individuals undermine the countless efforts at Old Dominion University to prevent sexual assault, they are also unwelcoming, offensive, and unacceptable. Over the past year, our community, partners, faculty/staff, and student leaders have stood side-by-side to inform and educate our campus on Sexual Assault prevention. This issue is not new, rather, it is one that continues to be prevalent around the world. It is very important for all of us to take action and be part of the solution! These actions do not reflect the students’ views at [ODU]. We encourage YOU to continue to raise awareness, hold each other accountable, take care of one another, and be responsible citizens of the Monarch Community.

However, all non-gross entities will surely agree that the following tweet more succinctly summarized the inherent issue at play here:

"We're the driving force of college rape culture and we should be banned from campus" #ODU #RapeCulture

— Heather✨ (@midnighthaether) August 22, 2015

Perhaps Will Ferrell was right. Perhaps it truly is time to ban all fraternities.


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