Third-Grader Pens Letter Blasting Donald Trump, a Grown Man Who Talks Like a Fourth-Grader, and It's Pure Poetry

Poetry, really.

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Donald Trump, a grown man with 69 egregious years behind him, was recently proven to speak at the level of an average fourth-grader. "By every criteria in the algorithm, Trump is speaking at the lowest level,” the Washington Globe analysis stated. "He used fewer characters per word in his announcement speech, fewer syllables per word, and his sentences were shorter than all of the other candidates." Not surprising.

In a swift move of poetic justice, this 69-year-old fourth-grader has now been properly owned by someone with a much more informed worldview, i.e. an actual third-grader:

The letter, shared by Bayan Sabouri on Facebook before finding its way over to VIBE, stands as a thorough and downright inspiring rebuttal to Trump's increasingly ludicrous immigration policy. However, as only a truly great writer can manage, the words also work well as actual poetry, like so:

"Donald Trump Will Not Be President"

Keep writing, Anonymous Third-Grader. 

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