At a news conference in Iowa today Donald Trump kicked out Latino journalist, Jorge Ramos, after the journalist  asked him about his immigration plans, saying, “You cannot deport 11 million people…”  It's obviously an important question—and understandable one from Ramos' standpoint—since Trump's the guy who made these ignorant comments two months ago:

He's also the guy who described two Trump supporters/all-around shitty people who beat up and peed on a Hispanic homeless man, as “very passionate.”


Trump dismissed the prominent Mexican American journalist, an anchor for Univision who’s interviewed President Barack Obama, as well as former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Trump told Ramos to “sit down” because he was never called on, and as a final “jab,” told him to “go back to Univision,” the network that dumped Trump and refused to air the Miss Universe pageant after his atrocious racist comments.

According to CNN’s Noah Gray, Ramos returned to his seat afterwards and was allowed to finish his question. 

Stay trashy, Donald Trump.

[via Business Insider]