The wicked prophecy of the German Devil Rat continues to reveal itself, this time with a big heap of science suggesting that people only like Donald Trump because his speech is on par with that of a fourth-grader. Another way of saying this is: Donald Trump talks to people like a child. A random fourth-grader probably speaks as good as, or better than, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump

An examination of the campaign announcement speeches of all 19 presidential candidates, both Democrat and Republican, revealed that Donald Trump is "by far" the least articulate of the bunch. "By every criteria in the algorithm, Trump is speaking at the lowest level,” the Washington Globe’s analysis states. "He used fewer characters per word in his announcement speech, fewer syllables per word, and his sentences were shorter than all of the other candidates." Bernie Sanders commanded a strong 10th grade level, while Hillary Clinton pulled an admirable eighth grade comparison.

The study also reveals Trump's reliance on words such as "huge," "terrible," and "beautiful" throughout his campaign appearances, a series of fourth-grade level speeches performed under the general theme of "Make America Great Again," which is so tragically pointed a statement. Show us some mercy, German Devil Rat. Please.