Donald Trump on Accusations of Stoking Racism: "I Have Many, Many Blacks"

Donald Trump is a master at maintaining one's personal brand.

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Though such antics are certainly not on John Oliver's radar of things worth making fun of, Donald Trump is most definitely still out here dropping subtle bombs of offense in various slightly melodramatic interviews. With Ben Carson recently snatching headlines for publicly pursuing a BFF connection with Kanye West, one can agree that maybe Trump simply needed to devise a comeback after being brutally deemed a "honey-glazed tiger testicle" by esteemed telejournalist Stephen Colbert.

When asked by CNBC’s John Harwoodon Thursday about whether his campaign is "stoking racism," Trump attempted to prove the opposite. "I don’t think so. My audiences are very — I have many, many blacks. I had a poll come out the other day where I was at 25 percent approval rating from the blacks as a Republican." When pressed again to admit racial tension as the "fuel" for his campaign's success, Trump pushed back. "I don't want it to be," he asserted. "I don't think it is."

As he suggested he would be America's first "Superman" president near the end of the interview, the continued horror of what Donald Trump represents is showing no signs of slowing down. "I'm in this for the long haul," Trump told Harwood before offering this small slice of hope: "That doesn't mean someday I don't wake up and I say, 'Wow, I'm really tanking.' Well, if I tank, sure, I go back to the business. Why wouldn't I?'"  

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