The general reaction to the continuing mutual appreciation between Ben Carson and Kanye West has pretty much just been variations on "Wait, what?" and a newfound desire for eschewing the traditional presidential debate format in favor of having each potential party nominee rank Kanye's discography (excluding, of course, Cruel Summer). For lack of a better word, the perplexing level of pandering accruing on both sides of this undeniably oxymoronic pairing is confusing. Not even a week into his new role as Daily Show's fearless leader, Trevor Noah decided to tackle this confusion.

"Just as we have certain candidates who want to be associated with celebrities, we also have certain celebrities who want to be associated with candidates," Noah told his obviously receptive audience on Tuesday. "Look, I understand the need to pander. But I don't think you two even know who you're pandering to. Kanye, man. Do your research. You can't just look for the black guy. You're picking a president." After a quick Kardashian family diss, Noah clarified that he "loves the Kardashians" but he simply "loves jokes more."

Of course, Noah makes a good if not downright obvious point. Carson will likely milk this not-quite-a-cosign for all its worth, while Kanye inadvertently gives free publicity to a Republican candidate with a well-documented history of saying maddeningly offensive things. When viewed within the context of Kanye's much-discussed 2020 bid and his forthcoming performance at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in October, the Carson praise becomes even more perplexing.

Please, Kanye. Don't give Ben Carson the chance to truthfully proclaim "Yeezy reupholstered my politics."