David Spade Discusses Being 'Squirrelly' Enough to Play Joe Exotic in a 'Tiger King' Movie

Here's a free title suggestion: 'Dirt Exotic.'

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Tiger King, which recently saw some serious streaming numbers amid coronavirus stuck-at-home content binges, has since inspired a trove of offshoot discourses ranging from a certain selection of country songs to who might play lead subject Joe Exotic in an adaptation of the docuseries.

Fresh off word that Rob Lowe and Ryan Murphy are in the early stages of discussing a possible adaptation of their own, we now have David Spade—whose name has been floated as a possible Joe pick by Joe himself—talking about the likelihood of embodying the role.

The Joe Dirt star recently did the whole virtual interview thing (thanks to COVID-19) with Ellen DeGeneres, which of course resulted in some inquiries of the Mr. Exotic variety. Asked about the rumors surrounding several possible projects based on the events depicted in Tiger King, Spade gave his assessment.

"I read this, I think, I don't know...I thought it's just a funny idea," he said of being mentioned as a possible Joe Exotic. "It's more fun just to think who the casting would be just for something to do."

Spade believes such a project would need to be "a little more dramatic" for it to work, as opposed to merely slapping together a "goofy comedy" of sorts. Speaking on Exotic's floating of both Spade and Brad Pitt as possible picks, the comedian pointed to who has the advantage and joked about Pitt brining his Oscar with him to auditions.

"I think I know which way it's gonna head," he said, later noting that he believes the role is probably "too squirrelly" for Pitt. "I'm a little more squirrelly," he said.

Given the continued hoopla surrounding Tiger King, it's only a matter of time before we start hearing news on confirmed adaptations.

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