Dave Chappelle Is a Stunning Swan in Hilarious Unaired 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

This Dave Chappelle sketch about a cocky swan and some argumentative ducks was sadly cut from last week's 'SNL.'

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Swans, truly stunning creatures by any measurement, don't get enough respect. That's why Saturday Night Live's decision to cut this bit about an understandably cocky, Dave Chappelle-voiced swan getting into a heated argument with a couple of ducks is pretty baffling. You keep that tongue-y bar sketch, but you cut this? Hmmm.

For the two-minute bit, Chappelle is joined by Alex Moffat and Melissa Villaseñor as a couple of ducks hellbent on confronting this glorious swan about his aquatic duties. The catch? These ducks and Chappelle's swan reside inside a lifeless motel painting, which is kinda what real life feels like most days anyway.

Chappelle was the host of the most recent SNL, the first since last week's abysmal presidential election. As expected, Chappelle delivered one hell of an opening monologue and even managed to revive a few classic Chappelle's Show characters for a delightfully bizarre Walking Dead bit:

"America's done it," Chappelle said at the top of the show. "We've actually elected an internet troll as our president. The whites were furious. I've never seen anything like it. I haven't seen whites this mad since the O.J. verdict."

This week's episode will be hosted by Kristen Wiig with musical guests the xx. As an alleged smart person speculated earlier, perhaps Wiig's recent Mannequin Challenge attempt is a not-so-subtle way of teasing a Rae Sremmurd x the xx collab? Please?!?!?

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