Have your grandparents confronted you about the Mannequin Challenge yet? Don't worry. The time is coming. With Kristen Wiig set to return to Saturday Night Live as host this weekend, the NBC team decided to celebrate by gathering the whole cast and crew for their own take on the viral phenomenon that's sure to push it that much closer to the inevitable.

For the mannequin-ized Saturday Night Live clip, Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" soundtracks everything from Pete Davidson's exploding soda to Leslie Jones catching a quick selfie:

Hell, there's even a not-so-subtle David S. Pumpkins reference thrown in for all the Tom Hanks heads out there. Not bad, Saturday Night Live. Not bad at all.

But let's not forget the real champion of the Mannequin Challenge trend: this amazing dog.

Challenging mannequins aside, Wiig's Saturday Night Live hosting comes at the end of a prolific year in cinema. In addition to confirmed bangers such as Ghostbusters and Sausage Party (Hi, Academy!), Wiig also starred in Jared Hess' Masterminds alongside fellow Saturday Night Live legends Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and underrated Baskets dude Zach Galifianakis.

So, um, how much longer do we have to wait until Rae Sremmurd gets the chance to bring "Black Beatles" (i.e. the biggest song in the country) to Studio 8H? Better yet, let's just bring Sremmurd out for a collab with the xx this weekend.