Black Confederacy Supporter in Alabama Garners 'Chappelle's Show' Clayton Bigsby Comparisons

In a clip that immediately drummed up Clayton Bigsby jokes, a man expresses support for Confederacy-era monuments while wearing a heap of Confederate merch.

In keeping with its pattern of inundating society with shit simply so preposterous it's arguably beyond parody, 2020 has now birthed a news clip from Alabama (where else?) that many are comparing to the ingeniously developed Chappelle's Show character Clayton Bigsby.

The news clip comes from the WHNT news team and documents on a recent demonstration in Marshall County focused on the presence of Confederacy-era monuments at the local courthouse. Two groups, per the accompanying report, showed up to express support for what they believe to be the appropriate course of action. And while it's quite obvious that literally all remaining Confederacy-honoring monuments of any kind should absolutely be removed as swiftly as possible nationwide, some on the scene believed that such eyesores should actually be protected.

One of the interviewed individuals is a Black man named Daniel Sims, seen in the video wearing a variety of Confederacy-supporting merchandise.

"Regardless how the next person feels, I'm not gon' take my flag down," says Sims, who states that his family is entirely white. "If I got anything to do with it, ain't no monument gon' come down."

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Sims also claimed to have been taught "everything I know" from someone who fought in the Civil War, a claim that is mathematically dubious.

"My whole family is white, I went to an all-white school, lived in an all-white neighborhood," he said. "My grandfather was white and he was the main one that fought in this war here. And he taught me everything I know."

Asked how he would react to such monuments being taken down, Sims hinged his argument on the inability of inanimate objects to speak. "It would make my blood boil if they just come up here and feel like they could just tear it down," he said. "I don't see me still living if they do that right there. That monument ain't hurting nobody. That monument ain't killing a soul. It ain't talking bad to nobody. It ain't even racist."

Anyway, it should now be easy to see how this frustratingly-on-brand-for-2020 news clip has people praising the foresight of Dave Chappelle's revered skit about a blind white supremacist who happens to be Black. Below, enjoy a selection of that exact commentary. Naturally, some also reacted by reflecting on the life and times of Boondocks character Uncle Ruckus.

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