Chilli Says She’d Like to Marry Boyfriend Matthew Lawrence

TLC singer Chilli says she hopes she ties the knot with 'Boy Meets World' actor Matthew Lawrence, whom she has been dating since late last year.

Chilli and Matthew Lawrence photographed together

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Chilli and Matthew Lawrence photographed together

Chilli has been dating Boy Meets World actor Matthew Lawrence, and it’s going well enough that she sees wedding bells in the future.

TMZ caught up with the TLC singer at Los Angeles International Airport to ask if they plan on getting married.

“I hope so,” she answered.

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The two entertainers started dating just before Thanksgiving and spent the holiday in Atlanta together. He apparently met her family at that time, and she’s also met his. It seems they’ve gotten so serious that they’e considering having kids together—something Lawrence commented on earlier this month.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 43-year-old was asked if kids were in his future, to which he said, “That’s the game plan. That’s what we’re trying to do.” He continued, “My life is in complete bloom right now. I get to spend time with an amazing woman like Chilli. I’ve never gotten to be able to experience that kind of relationship before. She’s really, really special.”

However, those comments have since been cleared up, with Lawrence clarifying what he meant and Chilli doubling down, telling TMZ, “No he didn’t. That’s not what he said. What he said was taken out of context.”

On March 15, Lawrence explained further to E! News. “[My brother] Joe and I were commiserating about this plan that we had to have children together…when we were growing up,” Matthew said. “And I missed the first go around and now he’s starting a new family and I was thinking, ‘Man, it’d be great if we could do it again, when I didn’t have the chance to raise a family together.’ So that’s what I meant by that.”

He added, “I didn’t mean to put any pressure on somebody I was dating or anything.”

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