Netflix Adds Louis C.K. Episode Back Into Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' Library

Netlfix has included the Louis C.K. episode amidst sexual misconduct allegations.

Netflix subscribers who are fans of shows about nothing were probably overjoyed when the streaming service recently added Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to its extensive library, but they might not be a fan of the company's decision to sneak one of the past episodes back into the rotation. 

The premise of Seinfeld's show is simple enough, it is literally an interview show where he talks to other comedians in various cars while they sip on some java. Past episodes have included big name guests like Larry David, Chris Rock, and Aziz Ansari, to name a few. And now, after initially not including it, Netflix has decided to post the episode that featured Louis C.K. When the series first made its move to the platform from Crackle, the episode in question was noticeably absent.

The original move to not include C.K.'s episode was likely due to the recent sexual misconduct allegations that have been brought against the comedian. To avoid any potential backlash, the streaming service decided to remove it altogether from the series. However, someone over at the Netflix offices apparently had a change of heart because now it is up and ready to watch. 

Decider reports that the episode, poorly titled "Comedy, Sex, and Blue Numbers," has been added to the Late Night Espresso collection for the show. The move to add the episode comes as a strange one for the streaming service who cut both Kevin Spacey  (House of Cards) and Danny Masterson (The Ranch), following sexual assault allegations made against them. The reason for Netflix changing its original decision on C.K. remains unknown. 

The only other episode omitted from the series' move over to Netflix was with Jason Alexander, best known for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld. According to Netflix, new episodes will begin to be added to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee some time in 2018.

Since reports originally surfaced of allegations against C.K., he has also had projects scrapped with HBO, Disney, TBS, and FX.

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